Staplerfahrer Klaus [low-res WMV], or Fork-lift truck driver Klaus. A short German film, spoofing industrial safety videos, by looking at a young forklift driver’s first day at work. “Cruel but informative accidents” occur, according to the blurb.

Yes. Yes, they do. Entertaining – whilst the style is spot on, the sheer messiness of the accidents and the cheapness of the gore has an endearing, shlocky charm. Very, very, very funny; it deserved all the awards it won. Go and watch it (warning, contains strong gory violence by anyone’s standards. If you put a chainsaw on screen, it has to go off, you know).


21 March 2006

Uh, well everything manifests itself in processes of three. Proton, neutron, electron. Sun, earth, moon. Masculine, feminine… child.” The Channel 4 website reviews the DVD of Revolver by listening to the commentary. Funny.

Comic book habit

10 December 2005

“…ask yourself if you want to get addicted and be thirty years old, typing on the internet about how the spiderman movie does not match up with the comic book”

Lovely. From Toothpaste for Dinner

Agile Webs with Rails

22 November 2005

Quotation of the day, from a colleague walking past my desk:

“I wish we could find a way of developing agile webs. On rails.”

I’d left my copy of the Agile book out.