30 March 2004

Lots of things to think about. Most consuming amounts of my brainpower inordinate to their scale. Some involve money, some involve a b0rken mail server.

But whilst I drop by to delete some comment-spam, allow me to share a delightful quotation from a work colleague on poring over a supposedly in-depth UBB based message board:

The worst part of it is… these people think they’re thinking”.

A delightfully apt summary of an all-too common phenomenon.


28 March 2004

A new Photovore: Two Logs. Something in black and white, for a change.


23 March 2004

“You idiot! Word is a spreadsheet program. Obviously, we somehow need to get this data into Excel”. Rory Blyth demonstrates why marketing types shouldn’t be let near whatever they think are “databases”.

Fast Forward

20 March 2004

And then: whoosh. Someone hit the fast forward button. News is: I am employed. Monday, London. Here I come. Hiatus over; everything’s going to be happening quite fast from now on. I’m very happy; I’m very lucky. Was quite glad to be out last night at home; a close friend, some beers, some old acquaintances. And remembering that even when you don’t want to dance, This Charming Man will force you to do so. Great fun.

So yeah: bright lights, big city, busy days, here we come. Very pleased to be moving forwards. Let’s see where this will go. infovore likely to undergo a slight renaissance – I’ve been slowly waking up for the past week. As my inboard brain gets back in gear, so will the outboard.

I’m happy, if you didn’t notice.


19 March 2004

As if you are Bogie in “Casablanca,” saying, “Cheers to you
guys,” Suntory time!
” The Suntory whiskey shoot from Lost in Translation finally gets translated. Well worth a read.


18 March 2004

God, I’m a geek. But seriously: I want a black Ikaruga t-shirt, and I want it now.

Pause Button

12 March 2004

I appear to be stuck inside a large hiatus cloud. Lots of things are waiting to happen, lots of things are just around the corner, lots of things could happen if i got up off my arse. But just when I nearly get around to something happenning… I hold back. In case something else happens in the meantime. Having had a fantastic month of full motion picture, things happening, things progressing, the picture of me developing, it feels like a pause button’s been hit.

So: not making a lot of progress. Doing better, slowly. The usual: declutting. Working on projects. Hunting for jobs. Repeating, ad infinitum.

I hope the play button gets hit again sometime soon.


09 March 2004

Umm, yeah. New experiment in logo design, in part inspired by City of Sound, in part by the Sunday Telegraph. Enjoying the negative effect; apologies that it’s a gif, time constraints, etc…


09 March 2004

More Photovore; Stripe, an experiment in texture. I really like this one.

Gap in Transmission

09 March 2004

Everything went quiet there. Sorry. Bit of an unintentional gap on all *vore fronts; blame good company, job interviews, debit card fraud, and a sleepy head. Will be back on the QT in no time at all…