Didactic as ever

28 September 2005

Yet another photograph of me holding forth about something or other. I think, given the hand gestures on both our parts, Paul might have been telling me about Perl 6… (Taken at the last London Rails/Django meet).

Screenwriter Josh Friedman is blogging. As well as being an interesting insight into, well, the semi-crazy world of Hollywood pitching, it’s also pretty darn funny.

The Shadow Percussion Project

23 September 2005

OK, this is my new favourite thing on the internet this week: the Shadow Percussion Project [details from Musicthing]. Enterprising young percussion teacher teaches his high-school percussion group to play live arrangements of tracks from DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing…; the result is awesome. Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt works better than Changeling IMHO, but that’s only because I like it more as a track; the drummer gets the chopped-drum-break about two minutes in down to a tee. [61mb wmv file at the other end, but well worth it]

Clearleft launches

22 September 2005

Clearleft – a new Brighton-based web design and accessibility consultancy, based in Brighton, and run by Andy, Richard, and Jeremy. None of whom I’ve met personally, you understand, but their writing, presentation and weblogs are all top-notch. Worth checking out if you’re in need of a design or accesibility expert – or three.

Chris Glass

21 September 2005

Chris Glass’ website is really beautiful. He’s also a fine, minimalist, writer. Certainly a site I’ll be going back to in the near future.

…when you start having nightmares in assembly code


18 September 2005

Dilworth Typographics present: Dilworth. Very, very beautiful typeface; has that whole seriousness-but-futuristic thing going on that reminds me of the late sixties – and, say, the typography in 2001, for instance.


16 September 2005

Everyone knows about it. The designers are going nuts, the gamers are going nuts. I’ve been having mental explosions since this morning and that’s been most enjoyable.

The Nintendo Revolution controller has been unveiled. It’s very, very, very important.

I don’t quite have time to articulate the mental explosions right now – and indeed, many people are hitting the same nails on the head as me. Gillen is probably the most succinct:

“If you don’t like the Revolution controller, you are fundamentally part of the problem and killing the fucking art form”

He is fundamentally right.

Katrina: The Gathering

15 September 2005

Katrina: The Gathering. Possibly tasteless. Possibly a little spot-on. It’s funnier if you can play Magic, obviously. [from dan]