• "That struggle story — Man against company, or Man against Billionaire — is a crowd-pleaser. The actual struggle that interests me is against the current horrifying imbalance in global power and wealth, which is kind of abstract, doesn’t have a chiseled cartoon-villain billionaire in the cast, and is frighteningly large in scale.

    Seriously; basically every reporter I’ve talked to has tried to get me to say awful things about Amazon and in particular about Jeff Bezos. But at my last job they taught me to think big and, with all his billions, Jeff is rounding error in the big picture. He’s not the problem; the legal/regulatory power structures that enable him and his peers is."

    Tim Bray on monopolies and multi-millionaires, but really, on capitalism. Symptoms, causes.

  • Curated and ongoing set of links to resources around the topic, from the Serpentine. Will be highly useful for future teaching, although god, my ongoing exhaustion around much of the AI discourse doesn't seem to be dissipating. Most excited to go over some of the interviews an and lectures.