24 December 2003

Umm, yeah. I was going to update before Christmas but appear to have failed to. So: happy Christmas, everyone. Hope you enjoy it, and see you in the New Year, if not before.


19 December 2003

Damnit! Why is it I only find out at the last minute that tomorrow is the last posting day (basically) for Christmas? Now I’m going to bed far later than I planned because of doing Christmas cards. Never mind… goodwill and all that.


16 December 2003

What with the recent capture of Saddam Hussein and all, it must be time for a new Get Your War On. And there is. And it’s wonderful: “with a heavy dose of fear and violence, I think I can get you those planning reports by the end of the day“.


15 December 2003

I appear to have joined the t610 owners’ club; my old Nokia 3510 was crashing far too often and was beginning to irritate me. So when I was offered a bargain t610 for being a ‘loyal and valued customer‘, I jumped. So far, I’ve discovered that Bluetooth and iSync are just wonderful, the little keys are fiddly, and charging these things for the first time confuses me entirely.


15 December 2003

That was a lovely long weekend away from work, then; three days off, and the lovely presence of the girlfriend to boot. We ate tons, drank too, went to the cinema (Love Actually is 50% of a really good movie, and 50% of a terrible one; Aurelia was the bomb, though), played a lot of backgammon (wonderful game), failed to teach her to play Halo (wonderful game too, but requires lots of thumb co-ordination; still, a valiant effort was made), and went for a walk.

And what a lovely walk it was; smallish photos here – if you want it larger, I might oblige later.


10 December 2003

I am still here, I promise. There’s a bit of linking going on in that sidebar, and I’m working on other projects. I haven’t flown away anywhere:

But work tires me out, and spare time is consumed with job applications and books and other people and having fun. I’m doing quite well, really; enjoying the time I have. I’ve just bought a lovely bike (bargain, too) and am now getting out and about, thus helping Project: Fitness and also Project: Mental Health. It’s lovely to ride a bike that isn’t a rusty gate but something akin to precision engineering, whisper-quiet as it purrs up and down hills, paths and roads. It’s hopefully going to see some pleasant weekend use, this year. When I was out on Sunday, there was a plane overhead making beautiful vapour trails. By the time I had the camera out, it had passed a little and wasn’t so hot, but you get the idea. Sunday was, as the photo shows, a glorious day.

Anyhow, there are things afoot, and I shall have something worthwhile to post soon, I hope. I’ve kind-of lost track of what to put in this big column; coming up with short pieces is no trouble, it seems.


06 December 2003

Some beautiful artwork: Dream Anatomy. I love these early anatomical drawings, where the artist never knew whether to be 100% accurate, or sacrifice some accuracy for artistic beauty. As it is, they’re still more anatomy than art, and some prove just how beautiful the human body is under it’s skin.


01 December 2003

Christmas lights in Glasgow, just outside the Museum of Modern Art. At night, they look like a sea of stars above one’s head; when they ripple, it’s like being underwater, and the stars are bobbing on the surface.


01 December 2003

Another week, another Omnivore, and this week it’s from Taylor, with a belated Thanksgiving piece.


01 December 2003

Interesting typographic thing: Alphabet26. A remodelled alphabet, with a single case, using a mixture of suitable upper and lowercase characters to avoid confusion. Surprisingly pretty, but I’m not sure I’d get used to it for everyday use…