10 December 2003

I am still here, I promise. There’s a bit of linking going on in that sidebar, and I’m working on other projects. I haven’t flown away anywhere:

But work tires me out, and spare time is consumed with job applications and books and other people and having fun. I’m doing quite well, really; enjoying the time I have. I’ve just bought a lovely bike (bargain, too) and am now getting out and about, thus helping Project: Fitness and also Project: Mental Health. It’s lovely to ride a bike that isn’t a rusty gate but something akin to precision engineering, whisper-quiet as it purrs up and down hills, paths and roads. It’s hopefully going to see some pleasant weekend use, this year. When I was out on Sunday, there was a plane overhead making beautiful vapour trails. By the time I had the camera out, it had passed a little and wasn’t so hot, but you get the idea. Sunday was, as the photo shows, a glorious day.

Anyhow, there are things afoot, and I shall have something worthwhile to post soon, I hope. I’ve kind-of lost track of what to put in this big column; coming up with short pieces is no trouble, it seems.