• "Twenty-one years later, an anonymous software engineer pulled together various digital artifacts to create a multiplayer game for his son.

    Tonight, while playing that game, I ran into my 15-year-old self."

    What magic smells like.


20 March 2010

The only known footage of Cardini performing. And what a joy it is; it’s not just sleight of hand, not just a clever skit, not just great timing; it’s magic. Ten minutes! And, most remarkably: he’s wearing gloves for the first three minutes.


Katrina: The Gathering

15 September 2005

Katrina: The Gathering. Possibly tasteless. Possibly a little spot-on. It’s funnier if you can play Magic, obviously. [from dan]

Paul Daniels has a blog

02 September 2005

Paul Daniels – yes, the Paul Daniels, is keeping a blog. It’s rather good; he writes in a friendly, personal manner – just as you’d expect him to, really – and he combines interesting chat about magic with fairly traditional (for blogs) personal anecdotes. It’s quite fun; I may well subscribe.