It’s.. the Visual Studio 2005 song! From Microsoft Korea; it’s catchy, awesome, and has a great flash animation. The product clearly can’t live up to the song. All together now: “Visual! Studio! Team! System! on storing sessions in your db. Succinct, handy, and goes straight on the “do not lose!” pile.

Game over

18 November 2005

Interesting post to the list, following London Web Frameworks Night. It addresses the image problem Perl has, and the marketing it needs to do. In short, Perl itself is fine, and it has some a few advantages (eg CPAN, DBI) to Ruby/Python, but it sure needs to sell itself better. [As spooled earlier today.]

PA on Rails

15 November 2005

Penny Arcade redesign and annouce that they’re now running on Rails. Good for them. Knowing how popular PA is, this could be the real test of whether or not “it will scale”…


10 November 2005

Right now, my mouth stinks, my throat hurts, my nose runs, my eye itches, and my head swells. I want a head transplant. Now.


29 October 2005

I haven’t had a holiday for nearly six months. As a result, I’m pretty much done in – making it through working days only to collapse at home in front of bad TV. This is not, if you know me, how I wish to spend my time.

So I’ve got a whole week off, and seven days in Paris – a city to which I’ve never been. Can’t wait. Will be back in a bit, no doubt, to bang on about web development, videogames, and the usual. Back soon.


24 October 2005

(The previous post mainly came out of a couple of minutes wandering around the living room, waving my arms at my increasingly tolerant girlfriend. It’s been a hand-wavy kind of night. I think that’s good – not had one of them in a while).

Well done, Mr Coates!

17 October 2005

Tom Coates leaves the BBC for Yahoo. Good for him; looks like an excellent move and a good home.

Kenta Cho shmups for OSX

13 October 2005

Webpage detailing ports of Kenta Cho’s shmups (shootemups) to OSX. Noiz2sa and Rrootage had been available for a while, but this ports all of them – Torus Trooper and Tumiki Fighters are good, but Gunboat is probably the standout of those three previously unavailable ones. They work pretty well, and they’re colossal fun. Cho’s shmup games have been available for a while on PC; it’s great to see them all ported to OSX now.

Didactic as ever

28 September 2005

Yet another photograph of me holding forth about something or other. I think, given the hand gestures on both our parts, Paul might have been telling me about Perl 6… (Taken at the last London Rails/Django meet).