Mac OSX 10.4 still only ships with PHP4, which is fine and all, but I eventually bit the bullet and decided to install PHP5.

The most immediately obvious way to do this is with Marc Liyanage’s excellent installer. I unzipped, installed the .pkg, and rebooted Apache.

Except Apache didn’t want to reboot. Apache refused to start, actually. Looked like a potential crisis!

Fortunately, a few minutes of digging found the solution. Pretty obvious, really:

you can’t load both mod_php4 and mod_php5 Apache modules at the same time.

I had mod_php4 enabled already. By commenting out the lines referring to it, Apache started up just fine, running PHP 5. Crisis averted.

Water Walk

17 May 2007

John Cage performs his composition “Water Walk” on popular 1960s US TV show “I’ve Got A Secret”. As music, it actually works well; as performance, it works even better. There’s something almost surreal about putting a figure like Cage on light entertainment show, but it makes me wonder if anyone would do something like this nowadays. Via Nicky, via boingboing.

As you probably know, when it comes to code (both in and out of work) I’m a Ruby and Rails guy. It’s not necessary to go into much detail “why”: the expressiveness of Ruby and the dynamism and speed of development in Rails are big wins for me.

But it’s not always possible – or practical – to knock out Rails applications for every task, and right now, I need to deploy something in PHP. Something very simple, that doesn’t warrant the deployment overheads of Rails (which we’re all aware of, right?)

Refusing to get caught up in WordPress if at all possible (not going into that again, either), I set out to look for a nice, well-documented, lightweight PHP web framework.

Oh dear.

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…we appear to be up and running on Textdrive. Hurrah!