Rails 1.0 (and Locomotive)

14 December 2005

Congratulations to David, and, of course, the rest of the rails-core gang for getting Rails 1.0 out the door. Much promised, long awaited. I’ve been runing 0.13.8 consistently, and decided not to upgrade to the Release Candidates, instead holding out for 1.0.

Well, my Powerbook reinstall went smoothly last weekend, and all that’s left is to install Rails. I was going to follow Dan Benjamin’s excellent instructions, but decided to leave it a few more days for 1.0. That day came early! Unfortunately, life is chocka right now, so there just isn’t time to install it til the weekend. That’s when I gave Locomotive another shot; a self-contained install of Rails, lighttpd with FastCGI, and sqllite. Very impressive, too; just pointed it at a development app, added it to the list, clicked “run” – and there we were in the browser, running on Rails. For the next few days, it’ll let me vent my PHP frustration with minimum hassle. Come the weekend, I’ll install 1.0 proper. Can’t wait to get back on the railsroad…

Here we go…

11 December 2005

So after a few hours of backing stuff up to the external HD, I’m ready to go. No, really, I am. I’m going to take a whole-disk image as further precaution (in case I forgot anything), but other than that, I think I’m ready to go.

I’m going to reformat the disk and give this computer a nice clean start. With any luck, all my iPhoto and iTunes libraries can be restored in a flash, and then I can go about the boring process of patching the computer and reinstalling applications. My mail database seems up-to-date, even if the program itself is stuffed.

Erk. Nerves. Here we go…

Update: slowly, we’re getting somewhere. Just recovering Mail now…

Comic book habit

10 December 2005

“…ask yourself if you want to get addicted and be thirty years old, typing on the internet about how the spiderman movie does not match up with the comic book”

Lovely. From Toothpaste for Dinner

Symphony finally launches

08 December 2005

Symphony, the slightly-awaited publishing/blogging app from 21degrees (who don’t have a website – it now redirects to Symphony) that’s been under wraps for yonks, finally launches. According to the marketing gumph, it gives you the “power and flexibility to make your dream website a reality“.

Maybe – but I’m not sure it’s going to when it’s using XSLT, of all things, as its templating language! It’s not too complex, but it is a fussy, very un-plain-english way of defining templates. It’s a similar problem to the one I have with WordPress, which just uses PHP functions rather than any abstract templating language. Neither are particularly difficult, but they are fussy, and they’re not like HTML – which is something many people may know.

In fact, looking at it again, their use of XSLT to make a “for-each” loop is just horrid. So in short: nice idea, but I can think of an awful lot of people who’d be put off by XSLT, no matter how compliant it is.

Severe Powerbook problems.

06 December 2005

A very bad night. I’ve recently been blessed with this particular problem: iChat quitting seconds after launch.

Reinstall iChat: no luck.

Reinstall iChat, patch through Software Update to 10.4.3 : no luck.

Run Combo Updater as recommended after reinstalling iChat: no luck.

Only now Mail is broken too; all my messages are there, but there’s no text loading in the panels. I’m loathe to reinstall Mail – I’ve backed up the Mboxes just now, even though the GUI is broken, I’m guessing the data is OK. It’s 3 years of Mail I pretty much can’t bear to lose.

So right now, I have a 12″ Paperweight. I’m really, really low about this; no idea how to fix it, no time to reinstall it for a good couple of days. Terrified. Depressed.