Rails 1.0 (and Locomotive)

14 December 2005

Congratulations to David, and, of course, the rest of the rails-core gang for getting Rails 1.0 out the door. Much promised, long awaited. I’ve been runing 0.13.8 consistently, and decided not to upgrade to the Release Candidates, instead holding out for 1.0.

Well, my Powerbook reinstall went smoothly last weekend, and all that’s left is to install Rails. I was going to follow Dan Benjamin’s excellent instructions, but decided to leave it a few more days for 1.0. That day came early! Unfortunately, life is chocka right now, so there just isn’t time to install it til the weekend. That’s when I gave Locomotive another shot; a self-contained install of Rails, lighttpd with FastCGI, and sqllite. Very impressive, too; just pointed it at a development app, added it to the list, clicked “run” – and there we were in the browser, running on Rails. For the next few days, it’ll let me vent my PHP frustration with minimum hassle. Come the weekend, I’ll install 1.0 proper. Can’t wait to get back on the railsroad…

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  • mattw | 15 Dec 2005

    I remember you hinting a while back that you were working on a Rails app. I might have missed this, but have you said what it is yet? Just curious. :)