Why should it scale?

24 October 2005

The big question around Rails: does it scale?

I say: forget that. Ask this instead: why should it scale?

Rails empowers the lowliest user or homesteader to create applications faster, at a lower cost than ever before. You may have an application that does 75% of what I want to do – but given that Rails puts t even closer to 0 it’s probably be faster for me to start from scratch than it is to try and adapt yours. That way, you have a perfect personalised solution, and so do I. If we looked at our code, they might even resemble each other a little. That’s survival of the fittest, isn’t it?

More and more users will become programmers as the tools, the middleware, the software-to-make-software gets better. Ning is the beginning of this. Users don’t need a generic solution; they’ll all be rolling their own. Software will become more discrete – hell, it’s going to become discerning. The tools we use are very personal; in an ideal world, they’d all scale to a userbase of one.

I guess that we’re all developers now.

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  • Thomas David Baker | 25 Oct 2005

    The amount of tech support I’ve done for friends and family I’ve done this week I’d say we’re a long way from all being developers now. But perhaps a greater percentage of us are developers now.