• ""Future of Music (2010)" is a Mac OS X app that scans your iTunes library and computes the music you are not supposed to listen to anymore based on your preferences. It then helpfully deletes it from iTunes and your hard drive. Skips the recycle bin. Just like other recommender systems, it uses a lot of fancy math (and data from Echo Nest and last.fm) that really doesn't matter in the end. Just click the button and let it take care of your life."

So that was weird

13 January 2006

I upgraded iTunes from 4.7 to 6.02. It was on 4.7.1 (first with podcasting) until the reformat, and today, I wondered where my podcasts were, and realised that plain old 4.7 can’t handle them.

So I upgraded. Then it decided to copy everything to my iPod again. Except it forgot a few albums I’d very recently ripped. Weird – hope it hasn’t lost random things throughout my collection. Bizarre. I’m re-ripping Lloyd Cole and Roots Manuva right now.