Now, I love Ruby on Rails. Really love it. I’m using it for business and for pleasure. And it’s now got me writing boring scripts in Ruby, just to learn the language better. And, you know, it’s a lovely language. So while advocacy and promotion of RoR as a way to develop your webapp is all well and good (because, after all, it’s one framework (albeit a pretty darn good one) amongst many), every now and then the hype bandwagon strikes. Like in this introductory article on Sitepoint, which contains the cracker:

“…without Rails, Ruby is nothing!”

Oh dear.

Rails might have brought Ruby to popularity, but seriously, that sentence is as big a pile of nonsense as any I’ve seen. It’s these kind of sentences, uttered off-hand by Rails-converts still in awe of the hype-bandwagon, that damages the Ruby community – and makes you look like an arse.