• "Design, host and share your own custom maps." Interesting – tile hosting, tile creation.
  • "Sony's statement suggests that it was actually storing sensitive information in plain text format, which defies belief. The only other explanation is that hackers only got access to the hashes and may have compromised a small minority of passwords by running this data through something like a dictionary look-up. However, from the tone of Sony's apology this does not appear to be the case." Good god; they're certainly transmitted as plaintext to PSN – according to the IRC log referenced in this article – so the incompetence required to store them as plaintext is already evident. Appalling.
  • "At a time when the artworld has become a bloated thing like a celebrity based branch of the stock exchange, it is very satisfying to make a real and seriously thoughtful transaction." Tom Phillips' Word Cross is now in a parish church in Kent. Great.

Light in Canterbury

13 August 2006

Originally uploaded by Tom Armitage.

I went to Canterbury last weekend. We were hungover, one Sunday morning, and an advert came on TV telling us that Canterbury was really quite close and really quite cheap. We were desperate for a break from the city, so we piled over to the tiny little city for a day. Very pleasant, too; a break from the strain and strife, which were replaced with wandering, food, drink, and shopping. I also took my camera, and the results are now on Flickr. Some of my favourite pictures with it so far; this one, with no modification bar some sharpening, levels and channel mixing, stood out.