19 September 2006

So: I’ve had lots of posts in my head to write and not a lot of time. I’ve still got post-match analysis on d.construct (which I attended) and Railsconf Europe (which I spoke at) to come. I’ve also been busy with at least one out-of-work project which is going quite nicely, and means I get to play with Capistrano soon.

The other reason I’ve been a bit lax is that it is birthday season for many of my friends, so the weekend was spent first in boozy fun, and then going to see the Tindersticks at the Barbican (which was great). And that lot all culminates today, because it’s my birthday.

I’m 24, which isn’t the most exciting age, but Wikipedia seems pretty convinced it’s quite exciting. All I could think of was Kiefer Sutherland and (1 x 2 x 3 x 4), the latter of which is more satisfying. 23 was fun, incidentally. Lots and lots of things happened, I got busy, I got stressed, I just about surfed over it. All in all: a good year. Here’s to another one.