11 May 2011

Been quiet around here lately.

Sorry about that; blame new jobs, bank holidays, product launches and the bit where I bust my arm up somewhat badly.

All soon-to-be rectified with a steady trickle of a few underwhelming pieces of content, though. Onwards!

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  • Michael Hardt | 11 May 2011

    I recall a few dislikes about the GameCube controller that probably bothered me more because it came so near perfection. Some of my complaints came from times I tried to share a game with a non-gamer. “Push the green button to go” is an easy command, but “Push the X button” is cryptic, especially in a darkened room. I ended up saying things like “See that little curvy gray button to the right of the green button? Push that! No, not the one next to the purple one…” I wanted distinct colors on all the buttons, and I even wanted their letter names to correspond to the colors: the green button could have been “G” not “A,” and the red button could have been “R.”