Caxton in Hi-Def

30 January 2008

Spotted in Eurogamer’s review of Rez HD:

Back in the day we said of the original: ‘When Rez eventually turns up cheaply it will become indispensable, but until then it’s a luxury.’ Xbox Live Arcade is, then, our modern printing press: digital distribution transforming the expensive and exclusive into the affordable and inclusive.

Emphasis mine. I liked that quite a lot.

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  • Wrestlevania | 25 Feb 2008

    It appears you need an EA account to watch any video on the Skate website…

    All that clever technology and user experience design, and then they completely cock the whole lot up by mandating your personal details in order to passively consume it.

    /me goes back to slamming head against nearest wall

  • Wrestlevania | 25 Feb 2008

    …and I’ve just added this comment to the wrong story.

    Maybe it’s just me then.