Not much posting here for a while. Sorry. Lots of things going on, notably work, and also an impending hosting move. Erk! Anyway, I felt it was time to highlight some upcoming stuff I’m doing.

Exciting thing #1: I’m going to be speaking at Interesting 2007. The lineup looks awesome; I’m really glad that I’m going to be there, let alone be speaking. My talk is going to be about “pipes and tubes”. That’s not a metaphor. Things that might get covered: underground railways, pneumatic messaging, packet-switching, barrel-making, the logistics of building a chocolate factory. I’m still working it out, but it should be fun at the least. There’s so much other good stuff there – looking forward to finding out how to split a log with an axe, and to hear Schulze talk about comics (hurrah) and so many other things. And… I’m on the same bill as Matthew d’Ancona. Blimey.

Exciting things #2: I’m going to be at Reboot 9 in Copenhagen at the end of the month. Last year’s Reboot was a wonderful, wonderful experience: lots to chew over and lots of new friends found, so I’m really excited about this year’s. I’ll also be around in Copenhagen for a few days afterwards, for holiday. Everything’s booked apart from the hotel (tips welcome), and I can’t wait.

Exciting times, eh? I hope to be documenting them a bit more here.