Problem: there’s no Velocity (VTL) bundle for Textmate.

Solution: write one yourself.

I’m currently working on a basic Velocity bundle for Textmate. We use it as a templating language at work, and, let’s face it, Textmate is an awesome editor with many, many ways to make your life easier. Given that it’s listed as a bundle people might be interested in… I’d better get started on it, right?

If you’re interested, leave a comment or drop me an email. So far I’ve got some basic function and syntax highlighting, along with autocompletion of some common constructs. Once it’s more finalised – and has been built in accordance to the VTL spec, not just the way I write it, I’ll start putting out releases.

(And if none of this makes much sense: Velocity/VTL is a templating language for Java web-apps. It’s one of the least sucky Java templating languages, apparently, but it’s not as mature of fully-featured as, say, Smarty.)

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  • Andy | 4 Oct 2006

    We’d love to see a velocity bundle for textmate, currently I’m just using the HTML bundle hacked to look for .vm files.

  • manuel | 22 Nov 2006

    I would love to see what youv’e got…
    I am looking for a Velocity bundle too.

  • Jason | 26 Nov 2006

    Hi, I’d like to try out your Velocity bundle as well. Currently the best editor for Velocity templates on the Mac seems to be Eclipse with the VeloEclipse plugin.

  • manuel | 7 Dec 2006

    Any progress on this?

    I am eager to use Velocity with Textmate. Curently I have no syntax highlighting or anything. If you have any thing to work with, I’d love to see.

    I have no experience writing bundles, but I’m willing to dive in amd offer my assistance in any way you could use it.


  • Mikel | 13 Mar 2007

    Would love to see a velocity bundle. Have you gotten anywhere with it?


  • Sergio | 9 Jun 2007

    I am searching for a velocity bundle as well. Please let us now if there is something more about this.

  • florin | 12 Sep 2007

    I am using the Velocity template for IntelliJ but I will be interested in the TMATE one. Also, I believe velocity works very well for web development if you’re using a good Java MVC. I am biased :) but I can kindly recommend to have a look at the JPublish project for HTML/Velocity/Freemarker/Stringtemplate template based web development.