18 February 2006

The whole thing is frictionless – and frictionless tools are what I want this year.

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  • Nick | 19 Feb 2006

    If only that were true. All it does it take the friction from the producer and put it onto the consumer. To ben that may well be a worthwhile trade. I think he underestimates the ease of a decent tool like WordPress 2 (with TinyMCE enabled) comments off and a decent template but hey! That’s life’s rich pattern.

    Still, finally a new reason to tease him, has to be worthwhile.

  • Tom | 19 Feb 2006

    Well, you’re right; those URLs are going to bite him in the ass eventually, I’m sure. It doesn’t lend itself to persistance, for starters.

    But it’s quite frictionless for me as a reader; you know, I get a ping in the RSS feed, I click on it and read the site. To consume it isn’t a problem – but to reference it, to place it into the persistant framework of the internet… yeah, that’s a whole load of friction.

    I agree with the principle, but iWeb is the last thing I’d try it with.