Google Moon

20 July 2005

Google Moon. Awesome. In honour of the first manned moon Landing, on July 20, 1969, Google have produced a small-ish map of the Apollo landing sites and surrounding area. The imagery is not from Keyhole this time, but Nasa. Unfortunately, Nasa could only supply information to a certain resolution; undeterred, Google used their common sense, which is why what you see when you zoom all the way in is just too beautiful.

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  • Paul Mison | 31 Jul 2005

    It’s actually the entire Moon. It’s not clear because map projections are (and have to be) funny, and it’s hard to demonstrate because the features on the moon are harder to spot than Earth’s oceans, but this is centred on Tycho:,-11.2

    whereas this is centered on the Korolev crater/walled plain,157.4&spn=100,100

    and you can see from the longitudes and scrolling around a bit that it must be the entire surface.