Doing the dirty

17 July 2005

I finally did it.

Today, I deleted all trace of Movable Type from my webserver. Specifically, MT 2.661 – don’t think I was, like, up-to-date or anything. I kept it on the server to run sideprojects with – and in case WordPress turned out to, like, suck (which it didn’t, though it was touch-and-go for a while).

Bye bye, 11mb comment database, full of adverts for casinos and illicit videos. Bye bye, another seven-odd mb of Perl cgi. I’ll miss you.

I really will. Just because I’m getting rid of it, doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I know that MT3 is streets ahead of the old junk I was running, and as an enterprise blogging/CMSlite application (with a decent templating language), it’s fantastic – and remarkably powerful. Despite the colossal overlap, WordPress serves a slightly different niche; a niche that I mainly fit into, but where I don’t, I’ve got the capability (thanks to new found PHP-fu) to make it fit me.

I moved to MT from Blogger, when I bought this domain, and it was a very good move; I spent the couple of days before my exams revising, and when not revising, trying to wrangle MT into my cgi-bin directory. I swore I’d do it after them, but it seemed so easy, you know?

Fortunately, both turned out OK. But now it’s time to say goodbye to an old friend. My hosting company told me I was over quota, and I needed that 20mb of diskspace gone; I need space for my own systems, projects, applications.

Still, you lasted two years, despite all the trend-hopping around you. That’s got to be good going for any install of a web-app. Right?