OK, so I’m having two problems here, which I’ve discovered after installing a local version of MySQL (for development purposes).

Firstly: with MySQL, any user I create other than root can’t connect to the database. Well, they can through the mysql commandline program, but CocoaMySQL and PHPMyAdmin refuse to let them connect. Root, however, can via any means. Even though it’s only local and for testing purposes, I’d rather use a different user to root. But I’ve got no idea what’s going wrong. Any advice, anyone?

Secondly: my PATH variables don’t persist. I’m using tcsh as a shell, and when I add /usr/local/mysql/bin as a path, it works fine… until I close that terminal. And when I open the terminal, it hasn’t persisted – but it’s still listed in my .tcshrc file. I have no idea what the hell is going on, I’m not that advanced, and it’s a bit annoying.

So: does anyone have idea how to solve this? Lazyweb, do you have any ideas?


Update: solved the first problem. The trick is setting passwords with the old_password() function, as the clients are still using the old hashing algorithm.