This is not finished

06 February 2005

Nowhere near finished. Certain links don’t work, for a start. But I’m fed up with it sitting around on my hard disk needing tinkering with. It’s exhausting, developing a blog template; the front page is the easiest bit, because then you remember you’ve got to do all the archive pages appropriately, and links pages, and sort the RSS feed… it’s like an iceberg, 90% underwater.

Update: Well, the individual pages now kind-of-work. They work great in Safari and Firefox (and other Gecko-based browsers). However, they suck in IE; certainly, the alignment of the Commetns box is so wrong it hurts. Stupid box models. I’m working on it; until then, please view this in Firefox or whatever. I can’t bear the sight of it in IE.

But hey, it’s a start, and it’s a lot better than the old thing. Visually, I’m pleased with this. Now I’ve just got to finish it off.

And then, with a nice new place to work, I can start writing again.