Things I deleted this morning

30 September 2004

On my desktop I have a folder entitled “Odds and Ends“. This is for all that stuff that I don’t want to throw away just yet, but that doesn’t belong in my documents folder, either.

Basically, it’s stupid .avis, some PDFs of interest, and reference material I’ll never need again. This morning, I cleared it out, and deleted:

  • The Hutton Inquiry.
  • A Whorechalking card.
  • A Sony Ericsson T610 manual.
  • Some icons.
  • Manuals for products I do not own.
  • PDF of Lambeth council tax rates.
  • Some crap mophos.
  • A Cheltenham restaurant sample menu.
  • Some “amusing” avi files.

See? Utter rubbish.

It’s quite nice to clear out. I’ve been reading 43Folders and been feeling the urge to streamline things – more time doing, less time organising. My desktop is now nice and decluttered – temporary files and aliases only – and now it’s time to go down a level, and clean out the folders. This is only the beginning.