21 September 2004

I was reading the recent Guardian interview with black erotica writer Zane over breakfast the other day. I commented to the girl on the reference it made to the practice of “72”ing.

(It’s like a 69, but with three fingers up the ass, apparently).

The Girl didn’t get it. She was trying to work out how two human bodies could represent a 7 and a 2 whilst engaged in, you know, sexual acts.

“No,” I said. “69 + 3 = 72“.


I was clearing up after breakfast, and had a look at what now covered the pad we write the shopping list on. Lots of two digit numbers, little cursive things, with little hands and faces.

All having sex with each other.

Every morning she thinks up new challenges. Apparently 34 looks quite good. I liked the look of 38, myself.

Think about it. Nice and cuddly.