Funbags. Bags of fun.

18 August 2004

Well, that was a busy weekend. I’ve been helping my best beloved move house, 900 miles in all – though not all of it covered by me – and blimey if it ain’t tiring. It’s also very, very stressful.

It’s also worth it. Slowly but surely, I’m settling into the whole co-habitation thing. I’ve also got lots of new things that give me delight. A radically upgraded kitchen, with more pots, pans, baking trays and a microwave. A DAB radio, which gives me 6Music flavoured happiness. A funny little coffee-table that I’ve discovered I love to sit and work at – the creativity/happiness boost working on this surface gives me is remarkable. Lots more books. Lots more cushions. Lots more comfort, really; the house is busy but not crowded.

Bags of fun, alltold. Nearly finished the sorting and hiding, though wireless cards and Windows ME have been driving me insane. Creative writing, cooking, and coding is only just around the corner. As is an eight-hour bus trip to Scotland…