02 August 2004

Last week there were 41 comments on this website.

Today there are 829.

I do not want to look at most of them. I need to reinstall Blacklist. I hate the world.

Update: well, I reinstalled MT-Blacklist, though that still didn’t help. It was still broken. in the end, I discovered (thanks to my kind hosts) that MT plugins aren’t quite compatible with the new version of Perl they installed on my server a few weeks back. Which is why Blacklist doesn’t work. The trick, according to my kind hosts is to add the following line:

$Storable::interwork_56_64bit = 1;

under the line ‘use Storable qw( freeze thaw );‘ in the file {MT dir}/lib/MT/ Bob is your uncle, and you nail the last 300 comments (having already deleted 500 manually).

Eat. That.