I always seem to be trying to catch myself up. Perhaps it’s trying to do too many things – too many creative things – outside the office. I get scared by the bulk of them and retreat. Still, I had a pretty good bank holiday weekend. Saturday saw an afternoon in Putney drinking beer and passing time with the delightful Brooke, Sunday was a trip to see the Remix at the Metropolitan (Go Home Productions still rock my world), and then on Monday, a slow day indoors pottering.

I also trimmed my hedge for the first time, and it felt very satisfying.

I’m getting close to done with a piece of music for the first time in a long while. I’m also on the cusp of writing a big chunk of novel; unfortunately, post-work exhaustion usually leaves me unable to quite engage at that pace, but by the end of the week, I should be a good chapter down.

I still haven’t done my ironing, though. I keep on planning stuff, and then it all begins to run out of control. Need to slow down again, catch myself up. Tomorrow is ironing, novel. Thursday is something new. Friday, it’ll be the weekend again, and I shall again do my best not to procrastinate.

Oh, and I’m still taking some quite good pictures. I think, anyhow.