Hold the line.

21 November 2003

Time appears to be catching up with me already. Today, I gave a talk to some final-year-sixthformers about the Cambridge interview process. They’ll be being interviewed in mid-December. It doesn’t seem so long ago (even if it was four years ago) that I was interviewed by my future Director of Studies. I can still remember it very clearly, and passed on any advice that I could.

Tomorrow, I’m off for a weekend to Cambridge, because one of my best friends from home is having a shindig because he’s engaged.


Not taking calls. . Suddenly, rather than the horror that is University seeming to be coming to a crashing end, all around me, everything seems to be about to explode into life. Which is all very good indeed. The chance to catch up with old friends and the like is also an added bonus, which I shall not be passing up.