First, I’m going to be talking (or prattling) about pipes and tubes at Russell Davies’ Interesting 2007. Should be excellent.

Then, when it’s over, I’m off to Alexandra Palace for Hack Day. I have some partners in crime there who I should be able to fall into line with.

Crikey. That’s a weekend and a half. I’m going to need a holiday.

My notes from Reboot 9 are now online. Forgot to mention this when I did it last week, so am now making up for lost time.

When I say “notes”, I mean my notes on other people’s talks (as opposed to the notes on my own talk, which have been much requested and which are still in the pipeline).

Anyhow, do check them out if you’re curious as to what went on. They’re vaguely useful if you weren’t there; most things in [square brackets] are me extemporising, rather than anything the speaker said.