Oogle versus oogle-less

19 October 2005

With any new, popular, funky web-based service, there’s always going to be a digital divide. You know; those who have your_name@hotmail.com as opposed to yournameX46@hotmail.com; six-digit ICQ numbers as opposed to nine-digit; Flickr sign-in as opposed to Yahoo! sign-in.

And now, it’s happening again. @gmail.com versus @googlemail.com. Not the end of the world, I guess, but gmail is so much more succinct (and trips off the fingers easier).

This time, for once, I’ve got the mark of the early adopter.

Well done, Mr Coates!

17 October 2005

Tom Coates leaves the BBC for Yahoo. Good for him; looks like an excellent move and a good home.

Kenta Cho shmups for OSX

13 October 2005

Webpage detailing ports of Kenta Cho’s shmups (shootemups) to OSX. Noiz2sa and Rrootage had been available for a while, but this ports all of them – Torus Trooper and Tumiki Fighters are good, but Gunboat is probably the standout of those three previously unavailable ones. They work pretty well, and they’re colossal fun. Cho’s shmup games have been available for a while on PC; it’s great to see them all ported to OSX now.