28 July 2005

Dude, seriously: the trailer for the Doom movie looks like the final product will suck. A lot. It’s reminding me of Paul WS Anderson’s Resident Evil quite a lot. Combined with a bit of Paul WS Anderson’s Soldier. And maybe some of Paul WS Anderson’s Aliens Versus Predator to boot.

Paul WS Anderson is not a man whose oeuvre you wish to emulate.

Side Job Track

28 July 2005

Whilst the excellent Blinksale has been getting a lot of plaudits recently, I only just discovered Side Job Track (launched in November 2004), which is in many ways just as noteworthy. It exists to track progress on projects and jobs for freelance, part-time, or small business workers, and it’s really pretty good; simple to use with excellent help and notifications – it’s very consistent about letting you know what you’ve just done, and what will happen when you click something. The only slight problems are that the invoicing is a bit less awesome than Blinksale, and that it’s very focused on building up lists of standardised “services”… when many people are consistently doing bespoke work. Still, worth checking out.


28 July 2005

In the boring-but-useful category comes Anti-RSI, a simple, not-overly obtrusive break manager for OSX. I don’t need it to prevent RSI, I do OK at that myself. I need it for my own sanity. Will check it out and report back; think it could make things calmer and less stressful, especially when bugfixing programs in languages I don’t really know.