Time passes…

19 January 2005

…and not a word from me. Busy busy. Working on several things, not least of all: having fun and enjoying myself away from this computer. Things being worked on include the new, stunningly improved, version of Infovore, and something currently known as Brahe, a PHP/Magpie based Halo 2 stat parser.

Things currently being enjoyed as influences on Infovore 3.0: dsandler.org, Khoi Vinh’s Subtraction, nixlog, Memo, flickr, del.icio.us, and a few of the usual suspects as points of reference. It’s fun, it’s clean, it’s wide, it has more colour than this one. I’m happy with it and can’t wait to start sorting out individual post pages (the real bummer) and plugging it into Movable Type.

I’m also still technically working on some writing, listening to music (currently loving The Killers’ album Hot Fuss and Out of Season by Beth Gibbons and Rustin’ Man) and meaning to get around to more of my own music. Programming currently on a break but going well; have spent a good while looking at Amazon Web Services today and boggling at potential. REST is wonderful.

Plus I’m going to this talk on Open Science at the ICA tomorrow.

Life is nothing if not action-packed.


16 January 2005

Bother. Bungie have changed the format of their Halo2 RSS feeds, which means those of us working on web applications that parse these feeds… have a bit more work to do on them. Now I have to bugfix again. Grr!


16 January 2005

Several things in the recently posted elsewhere camp: three articles over at the New Statesman New Media Awards 2005 Weblog; one on a pioneering broadband scheme in Shoreditch, one on Southampton University’s ePrints scheme, and one on the Venezuelan government’s move to Open Source.

Clean workspaces

10 January 2005

Sometimes, the thing that stops me functioning is the wrong space. I need the right space to work.

I haven’t really had that since I moved into this flat; there was this computer table in the corner of the lounge I’ve never really got on with; the wrong height, the wrong corner. But I stuck it out. And it made me hunched and grumpy.

I’ve got a little study now. Well, little is a huge exaggeration; it’s tiny. It’s the corner of a chest of drawers, where if I put a stool up to it, I can work quite happily, and with very good posture, too. It makes me feel a lot happier – the light in this room is better for a start, and the benefits to my posture are huge.

New place to work; new start. I’m reworking infovore for that reason, too. It’s a bit more different than all the other reworks since, you know, last summer. Marginally different structure; more colour, more light. I like the cleanliness, but I’m thinking wider now. Khoi Vin’s subtraction has been a huge influence in this regard.

But it’s not going on show til it’s ready. In some ways, it’s strange; I know that the Photoshop mockup is quite a way along, but I’m just not ready to start hacking that into XHTML and CSS just yet; it’s going to take some time and probably make me tear my hair out a little. I don’t want that just yet. Also, I’m still working on the individual entry pages; trying to do my best with every template, not just the front one. This could be some time in the making, but I’m very pleased with it.

And, I hope, a new design to work in, will make me work better: writing more, uploading more, getting off my backside to post the things I really want to. Once upon a time, I blogged loads, and it wasn’t terrible.

I hope I can get some of that spark back, soon.


08 January 2005

Wow. Apple iHome illicit backroom shots. From the front: slot loading drive. On the back: usual iBook style ports. Headless iBook… now all we need is a price. $500, with proper OSX, and the world is their oyster.

New Year, New Stuff

01 January 2005

Happy 2005. I’ve been quite quiet here because of a few things; a personal project keeping me busy, a hectic couple of weeks at work, and a holiday, away from the Smoke, with friends and family.

And now I’m back, ready to start again, only this time there’s a new number on the calendar. No doubt I will fluff a few cheques in the next week or two.

Anyhow, stuff that’s been keeping me busy and is moderately exciting (and which I should have plugged earlier): firstly, “How to spread the net“, an article I wrote for the New Statesman on web accessibility (mainly looking at the blind), which coincidentally accompanies the launch of the NS New Media Awards 2005 (which this year include an award for accessibility, in all its many forms).

My personal stuff isn’t quite finished yet – but it’s nearly at a stage I can show people – so that will continue to tick over.

Lots of other stuff on the go; all will be revealed in due course. Hope it all turns out OK…