So much for that

26 June 2004

So much for redesigning. I’ve sat down, hammered out css and markup, getting my divs to float, getting my fonts to look good, and my lists to spread horizontally.

And it’s shit.

Well, it’s not shit, but I look at the new ‘improved’ version, and I look at what you see in front of you now, and I can’t help but think I prefer this. There are a few things that need fixing around here: broken graphics links on archive pages, for a start. I’d also really like to tidy up the sidebar – less grey, I feel, and less text in the brief links – and am really going to alter the structure of the external links.

I might also return to titling posts. Not sure yet. Anyhow: no great shakes coming about for a while. I spoke too soon. I’ve learned a few nifty CSS tricks, so it’s not wasted, but I’d rather just tweak this – which I do love – than start from scratch again.

The Gill Sans, though, is definitely staying.