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03 May 2004

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03 May 2004 is the personal site of Tom Armitage, a twenty-something compulsive consumer of words in rows. That’s me on the left.

Having graduated from a degree in English, I now live in London, working in New Media. When I’m not doing that, I tend to consume things; music, writing, art, film; food. Film especially.

On the off-chance I’m not devouring information of some form, I’m probably creating something. There are various fictive projects in the background (including the novel), there’s a relaunch of Omnivore to be dealt with, there’s a lot of music I’m working on, and then odds and ends of web software and design. And a ton of photography. All for fun, honestly. I like making things.

In particular, I really like making things for the web. I think I’ve finally found my canvas of choice. I’m not as good at it as I’d like, but I think that’s probably because I set my standards rather high. Once I realise I’m not going to become Zeldman, Kottke, Bowman or Meyer any time soon (and that it took them a fair few years to get there), I’ll probably be a lot more content with my lot. Until then, I’m doing my best to improve. This site is one of my better attempts at design for the web.

I started my first weblog, entitled tajmahal, in late Februrary 2001. Powered by Blogger, it was a mixture of links, commentary, and personal journal. It ceased in July 2003, when I finished my degree. It’s not online at the moment, but I’m planning to republish it to this site at some point.

Infovore as a site consists of a longer weblog on the left, with commentary, tales far- and not-so-far-fetched, anecdotes, and general whinging. Common subjects featured here (aside from whinging about how little I’ve done) include web design, software and technology, art and culture, and food – along with the odd personal note. To its right is a briefer linklog of interesting or amusing bookmarks – some are just that, bookmarks to myself; others are intended for wider consumption; all are probably of interest to someone out there. If you find them all interesting, you’re probably my ideal reader.

Emergency exits can be found to your rear, or in the links section, where other sites I regularly enjoy are now yours for the taking. Finally, if you want the content of the site in the RSS reader of your choice, an RSS feed is available.