15 December 2003

I appear to have joined the t610 owners’ club; my old Nokia 3510 was crashing far too often and was beginning to irritate me. So when I was offered a bargain t610 for being a ‘loyal and valued customer‘, I jumped. So far, I’ve discovered that Bluetooth and iSync are just wonderful, the little keys are fiddly, and charging these things for the first time confuses me entirely.


15 December 2003

That was a lovely long weekend away from work, then; three days off, and the lovely presence of the girlfriend to boot. We ate tons, drank too, went to the cinema (Love Actually is 50% of a really good movie, and 50% of a terrible one; Aurelia was the bomb, though), played a lot of backgammon (wonderful game), failed to teach her to play Halo (wonderful game too, but requires lots of thumb co-ordination; still, a valiant effort was made), and went for a walk.

And what a lovely walk it was; smallish photos here – if you want it larger, I might oblige later.