31 January 2004

So, in the past week or two, I’ve seen Lost in Translation, the first episode of series 3 of Six Feet Under, and just tonight, Big Fish. I have left all three with the same lingering thought;

I really want to write.

I mean, I write on the small scale; the odd short story, the odd article, gibberish on here. But I’m sure that somewhere in me is a big story waiting to be told. I’ve got one, nearly; it’s been refining itself over a very long time and suddenly, a week or two ago, my brain took a most brilliant shortcut and the real workings of a plot emerged. I might start writing it quite soon – it’s that exciting. It just needs a little more research… as I always seem to say. Soon, though, I swear I’m going to get on with it. I’m running out of time to tell these stories with every day that passes.


31 January 2004

Things to scare the children with #94: the fine young lads from Arab Strap at Loch Leven, in kilts.

On the move again

31 January 2004

And so it’s back off to London for yet more interning. This time, I’m working in new media type stuff – online production and marketing. Quite looking forward to it, I guess. One useful thing I found for my time in the city – Chris Heathcote’s London Art Aggregator, perfect for discovering what’s open after work or at the weekends with which to while away my time.

So I’m mobile, again. More jobs to apply for at the same time; maybe I’ll end up staying. We’ll see…